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Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
othe united states. >> there were a lot of to getations and you try to l.a. or seven cisco. -- san francisco. >> pilots needed their planes deiced. >> we try to make it to national. -- nashville. they canceled again. >> he is trying to make it in time for a special occasion. >> i-20 get home. -- i just want to get home. i'm trying to make it home for my daughter's graduation. >> battling the elements. they do not have an ice scraper and we held improvised to get crusty layers of snow off his car. >> i was not expecting it to be that bad and i see. -- icy. >> ice was the issue on sunday. >> i checked my car and started to go home. it was frozen. >> a little bit of news, many of the airlines are relaxing the fee to rebook your flight. you will want to check with your carrier. live outside the airport, abc seven news. >> thank you. from these guys, to the roads -- from the skies to the roads, our coverage continues with robert. robert? >> it is here in montgomery county. a short time ago, thunder and lightning. the temperatures are hovering around 28 degrees. and chillysnow temperatur
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1